What is Web Technologies ?

A Web Technologies is a package which not only deals with website development and designing but it also covers various field like software development, testing and maintenance of a software, ERP, web hosting, security of data, information management, etc.

Technologies and Methodology we expertise
  1. ASP
  2. ASP.Net, C#
  3. WCF services
  4. HTML, Boostrap, CSS, ejs, Javascript and Jquery
  5. MVC 5
  6. PHP
  7. Angular JS
  8. Node.js
  9. Entity Framework
  10. Salesforce
  11. Selenium
  12. DevOps

We help our clients to use the web technologies well for their business. Web technologies are rapidly evolving and giving the ultimate solutions to all kind of business domains. The new platforms and frameworks coming frequently to solve real world business challenges. We are one of the best to solve those challenges fruitfully with our experienced full stack developers. We are good in developing secured, well-UX/UI and obviously optimized performance Websites & Softwares using the latest technologies.

Work we do
  1. Web Site Development
  2. Web Site Enhancement
  3. Web Site Deployment
  4. Web Site Migration (from legacy technologies to latest technology)
  5. Web Site Performance Enhancement
  6. Web Site Responsive Design
  7. Web Service Development and Deployment
  8. Software Development
  9. Application Testing
  10. Technical Document for all the applications
Business Domain - We expertise
  1. Asset Disposal IT
  2. Health Care
  3. E-Commerce